YM & YWHA of Washington Heights and Inwood

New York, New York | 5000 sq ft | 2017

Services: Interior Design

The Washington Heights’ YM/YWHA project involved the renovation of an existing kosher kitchen and adjacent dining area/auditorium bringing the facility up to industry standards, while also refining the space using functional and modern finishes. The original kitchen proved inefficient for both the storage of supplies and the circulation of its kitchen staff.  EOA reorganized the kitchen so the staff could work methodically through the cooking, prepping and serving processes, moving through the space with the same rhythm in which food was prepared over the course of the day. The auditorium featured a large open space that could not quickly adapt to the changing needs of the facility. The architects designed a dropped ceiling along the west edge, improving the acoustics of the room which is used for dances, performances, and other community gatherings as well as dining. EOA installed acoustic wall finishes and subtly integrated the Y logo and colors throughout the space, including laser cutting the Y’s logo design into felt wall covering and using a Y-shaped chevron textile for the new stage curtain.