Portland Japanese Garden Gift Store

Portland, Oregon | 625 sq ft | 2017

Services: Interior Design
Fixture Design

Part of renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma’s expansion of the Portland Japanese Garden’s Cultural Village included a gift shop. Local architect, Hacker, brought EOA in to design the new 625 square foot space which is located on the northeast corner of the campus. As glass doors open on to the courtyard and glass doors are located at the interior entry as well, EOA planned an open yet intimate feel to the jewel box store. EOA chose materials in harmony with the overall design for a seamless flow of experiences between the galleries and shop keeping in mind, the boutique will display and feature products sourced directly from Japan. For example, fixture display tables that perch delicately on two legs referenced Japanese iconography. The dropped wooden ceiling became an elemental detail of the immersive experience. It was an honor to be part of such a special project and to bring our sensibilities and retail expertise to it. 


Photographs by Michel Arnaud