Camille La Vie

Chicago, IL | 4,619 sq ft. | 2014

Services: Architecture
Fixture Design

EOA refreshed and, with a clean yet intimate design, rebranded the stores for Camille LaVie, a retailer of prom and evening wear. Fabric, a prominent element of the evening gown, is referenced throughout by sliding translucent polycarbonate screens striped with 3M film, also featured on the storefront .The screens can be rearranged to change the layout of the storefront window displays, providing veiled views of the dresses and the interior of the store. Significant amounts of merchandise are concealed in a wall of floor to ceiling mirrored closets. Light boxes floating above suspended merchandise fixtures organize areas to create “retail stories”. An anteroom, with couches and a social media station, a mirrored wall and space to browse while waiting for a fitting room, is located at the rear of the space to accommodate customers during the very popular prom season. The entire space was designed to give an updated sense of style and elegance to a beloved tradition of many young women.