Retail - Anthropologie Burlingame



Burlingame, CA | 9,600 sq ft. | 2007

Awards: 2009: AIA New York State Design Awards: Award of Excellence in the Large Commercial Category

Services: Architecture
Surface Design

EOA looked to the local landscape and the light that is so particular to that area for inspiration to design a new store for the Anthropolgie brand in Burlingame, California. The scale of the surrounding neighborhood was carefully considered – a relatively intimate low rise shopping district that sat comfortably within its residential environment. An extensive façade, spanning 100 feet, presented an opportunity to create a variegated, engaging storefront. Rather than extend a flat glass face at the pedestrian level, EOA created textures and recesses that provided spaces for people to sit or touch the material of the façade, inviting engagement with the shifting surface.

The facade is formed by a series of layers, and a rhythm of translucent and solid forms. A screen of ipe wood and copper rods, backed by a porous fabric intersects with stacked concrete bays with slots of resin inserted at intervals. From the interior, these concrete bays bring natural light into the store via integrated skylights. The copper rods act as highlights, much like a glittering necklace draping the facade, and will patina over time, reflecting the influence of the environment upon the facade. At night, the store glows with lighting concealed behind the screen, revealing the layers of materials and de-materializing the perimeter shell. EOA designed the store façade to be a warm presence at all hours to keep the street active and gracious. The Burlingame store is the recipient of an AIA New York State Design Awards 2009 Award of Excellence in the Large Commercial Category.

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