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EOA/Elmslie Osler Architect is a New York City and State Certified WBE with 20 years of experience. We provide full architectural services: Pre-Design, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documentation, Bidding and Negotiation assistance and Construction Administration. We have worked across the country and are well versed and experienced with multiple codes and regulations. Our familiarity and excellent reputation with historical review boards and community organizations allows us to navigate projects successfully through the process. At EOA challenges are anticipated and resolved efficiently and cost effectively.

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We believe in building a trusting relationship with each owner, insuring a satisfying experience in what can be a stressful time. EOA guides our clients through a budget, schedule and design process tailored to their needs. Our focus on detail and materials as well as the larger surrounding context creates a comfortable, practical, and special home.


EOA reinvigorates existing and historic structures by integrating fresh and contemporary elements. We are adept at delivering impactful design on short schedules and tight budgets. We create a work space that suits practical needs and inspires the business culture. EOA believes that a little design goes a long way.


EOA delivers projects on budget and has experience working with community boards and government agencies. We approach each project through metric analysis, integrating community in the design and construction process, instilling a sense of ownership. We have experience developing large complex facility programs as well as refreshing modest spaces.


EOA has worked with new and well established brands to sculpt spatial clarity, a visual narrative embodying the brand. Our team of architects, interior and graphic designers, and artists is adapt at creating a compelling experience by crafting a complete system, including fixtures, special finishes, integrated graphics and signage.


EOA / Elmslie Osler Architects - 526 West 26th Street, Suite 504, New York NY - (212) 989 0652