At the AIA 2018 conference held in New York City, Robin was invited to join a panel titled, I Have My Degree...Now How Do I Find a Job? which was aimed at architects at the beginning of their careers. Robin and the other five panelists discussed topics such as office culture, pros and cons of small, medium and large firms.


@ Cintas Foundation

Robin was recently selected as a juror for the Cintas Foundation which is based in Miami, Florida. The foundation which awards fellowships in Architecture and Design, Literature, Music Composition and the Visual Arts was established in 1963 by the estate of United States Ambassador to Cuba, Oscar Cintas. The fellowships support architects, designers and artists of Cuban descent.


Balconies over Brooklyn

This spring, EOA completed a façade renovation in Brooklyn which included the renovation of all nine balconies of the six-floor residential building. New cement board paneling, cladding, pavers, lighting and shifting perforated paneled railings gives the building a completely new look.