EOA/Elmslie Osler Architect is a New York City and State Certified WBE with 20 years of experience working on a wide variety of commercial, residential and community projects. We provide full architectural services: Pre-Design, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documentation, Bidding and Negotiation assistance and Construction Administration. We have worked across the country in diverse jurisdictions and are well versed and experienced with multiple codes and regulations. Our familiarity and excellent reputation with historical review boards and community organizations allows us to navigate projects successfully through the process. A comprehensive understanding of the construction and fabrication process informs the way we approach design and allows us to generate a thorough set of Construction Documents that facilitate a well-organized Construction Administration phase. At EOA challenges are anticipated and resolved efficiently and cost effectively.



EOA believes that the retail experience is critical to the success of a brand. Strong architectural branding can illuminate the potential of a business, clarify the value of a product or service and identify the character that sets it apart. A brand must grow and develop as the business expands, diversifies and transforms. EOA develops an architectural brand from the start or revitalizes an existing one, creating a seamless integration of architecture, design, and image. EOA creates visual narratives using the diverse skills of our team of architects, interior designers, graphic designers, and artists. Along with the larger architectural component, we create compelling experiences by crafting a complete system that includes fixtures special finishes, integrated graphics and signage. We also provide consulting services to guide retailers in choosing or reinvigorating a visual display and merchandising strategy through crafting design guidelines manuals. EOA creates value and generates increased customer engagement through design.


Interiors & Surface Design

Commercial and residential interiors begin with a thorough exploration of the client’s needs and desires. EOA believes that the experience of architecture is enhanced by the lighting, materials, art, and objects that fill the space. Functionality and comfort take precedence in the design of spaces that are truly lived in and utilized to their greatest advantage. Attentiveness to texture, pattern, color, light, sound, flow and atmosphere merge to create spaces that inspire.

EOA offers Surface Design as an element of the architectural project or as a standalone service. We will work with the client to develop a color palette and create a custom wall surface, screen, grill or divider. EOA collaborates with production specialists who are skilled in plaster application, printing of wallpapers, stencils, removable decals, and laser and water jet cutting.

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Grow Studio

Grow Studio takes a comprehensive approach to designing a system where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We begin by crafting a customized design solution for each project based on field observations and metrics through analysis. An overarching design concept is developed to optimize the beauty and utility of the project while strategically connecting various elements such as vertical farming walls and community kitchens. We then develop a program that determines the infrastructure of the project and includes recommendations for connected social, economic, health or education programs. A site is selected and a team of consultants is formed to develop the design, create the documents and oversee the construction process. We believe that the benefits of providing access to fresh, healthy food combined with extraordinary design creates more livable and sustainable communities.